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Sharon is understanding, flexible (firm when needed), and enjoys teaching others the tricks she has learned over the years. Her coaching methods are straight forward, and easy to swallow. Her observation skills are no-nonsense and especially non-offensive. I found her to be an absolute joy to be around and I highly recommend her.
Mark Geller, High Impact Training

About Sharon Sorenson

sharonShe was an organized child. She was an organized student. She was an organized teacher and librarian. All she ever heard was "you should help people get organized."

So...she did. Heartland Organizing, LLC came into being as the place for Sharon Sorenson to use her natural talents, training, and experience to do what she is extremely good at and what she truly loves to do. She understands both the art and science of productivity – using systems that have stood the test of time and tweaking them to your own personal style.

Sharon has a Master's Degree in Information Media/Library Science. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

What you REALLY need to know about her...

  • Highly skilled at designing organized systems for home offices and small businesses
  • Strong advocate for simplifying
  • Master teacher of organizing skills
  • Problem solver extraordinaire
  • Great sense of humor

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