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I was hesitant at first to seek out a Professional Organizer, thinking I should be able to tackle this myself. As my stress level grew more intense, I knew I needed help and called Sharon at Heartland Organizing. In very short order she helped me gain control of my business systems by teaching the skills necessary to create an organized office environment. I am very proud to say that I have moved from the “get help immediately” category to the “you are well-organized” category with her coaching. My negative stress level has been reduced tremendously. Joe Miller, Identity Theft Consultants, LLC

We Love Helping Small Business Owners Find Out If They Have Efficient Systems In Place First…Free!


  • Is your company experiencing growing pains?
  • Are you moving?
  • Do you have new staff members who need help learning your systems?
  • Does your staff ask for productivity help?
  • Are you ready for a change?

Pricing and Packages

We offer a free half hour phone consultation where we explore your issues and my services.

We do a needs assessment, where, with the help of some simple tools, an inventory of current systems takes place in order to identify weaknesses. You will come away with a clear picture of the health of your space, information and time management systems and verbal and written feedback to guide your decisions as you move forward.

Each business has unique services, budgets, time constraints, and staffing configurations. How we move forward depends on any or all of these factors, and may include consulting, coaching, training or a customized combination of these components within the packages.

What's The Difference Between Coaching, Consulting and Training

The consultant's role is to guide the business owner through a process of system analysis.

  • You identify weaknesses & strengths efficiently.
  • You are given possible solutions for weaknesses.
  • You receive outside view where staff may be more willing to share thoughts in non-threatening way.

The coach's role is to work with individual staff members to strengthen their productivity skills.

  • Individual staff members identify their own weaknesses & strengths at their workstations.
  • Individual staff members are given possible solutions for weaknesses.
  • Individual staff members can find more job satisfaction knowing they are working at peak efficiency.

The trainer's role is to work with the whole staff or teams on new or changed productivity systems.

  • Team training is an efficient way to teach knowledge and skills.
  • Teams learn the importance of consistency for efficient systems – everyone hears the same thing.
  • Team sessions can be a great way to have fun while improving productivity.

Let's talk about your productivity.

Schedule a call with us at (320) 250-0202 and learn how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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