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Sharon worked with our staff as a group, and then individually, to help us be more efficient with our time, materials and movement. She helped each staff member identify and make small improvements in their workspace and habits that have paid big dividends in our office. Teresa Bohnen, President, St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce

We Help You Create Customized Office Systems

Know Where to Start

productivity-consultant-minnesotaWe so often hear "I don't know where to start." Getting an unbiased view of where to start in designing an efficient workplace that supports you and your team can be the catalyst for improved work performance, productivity, and efficiency.

You might just be too close to the problem to understand the real dynamics of the systems you now have in place. Our tools and expertise can help you analyze where you are losing the most productivity and how to go about identifying that as the place you start.

Streamline Systems

streamline-workflow-processGreat systems for space, information, and time provide your company with a consistent way of doing things which supports the productivity and efficiency of you and your staff. It may be, however, that your systems were inherited from someone else, have been created by the seat of your pants, or are in need of revamping due to changes in your business such as staff changes, growth or relocation.

Every company has their own unique blend of personalities, working styles and tasks that drive their systems to support company goals. Our tools and expertise can help you create or repair systems for space, information and time that will help you and your staff to operate at peak efficiency and productivity.

Save You Time and Money

time-and-money-managementThere are grim statistics about the impact of clutter, information overload and time wasters on a business's bottom line. Time is money, as they say, and poor systems increase the likelihood of lost revenue from obvious places – searching for lost items or information, mix-ups from poor communication flow, and deadlines that are not met.

Less obvious are the effects of stress on you and your staff from the belief that we need to work faster, harder, and longer to be effective and profitable. Our tools and expertise will help you minimize the loss of time and income that come from having inefficient systems for space, information and time management.

Personalized Support

personalized-office-supportWe help you and your team get motivated and educated while we guide you through the change process in a confidential and efficient manner. Talk is cheap – everyone says they need to get organized, yet the workplace is littered with businesses that have ineffective systems for space, information, and time management.

We offer a trio of services – consulting, coaching, training – that can be customized to fit your current needs. Our tools and expertise will help you find solutions to systems problems (consulting), have more productive staff (coaching), establish consistent workflow processes (training).

Faster Results

improve-productivity-faster-resultsThere are a million systems out there, but finding what works for your business might be very time intensive and expensive. You may not have in-house staff for continuous improvement of your systems, plus, many solutions for change are complex and expensive to implement and maintain.

Our tools and expertise will help simplify the research and analysis process so you and your team can experience results quickly.


Work-Life Balance and Peace of Mind

productivity-consultant-minnesota"I'm too busy" or "I don't have time" are heard all too often both at work and at home. Pressure to work faster, harder, longer, is taking its toll with more clutter, more distractions, and more interruptions, and consequently, a more stressed and unhappy workforce -unhappy at work and unhappy at home.

Efficient and organized systems won't eliminate overload and stress but there is ample evidence that they will go a long way toward reducing the impact of those pests. Our tools and expertise will give you and your team a sense of control that leads to peace of mind, and, in turn, better work-life balance.

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